How to Create Great Content That Drives Traffic

1. Make customers an offer they can’t refuse.
The first step to converting paid traffic through your email autoresponder sequence is to make your audience members an offer they cannot refuse. Specifically, offer a high-quality, free giveaway. You want the giveaway to be a no-brainer. You want it to be irresistible.

Creating a giveaway like this is actually much simpler than you think.

The key is, first, to know your market, figure out what one problem they want to be solved more than anything else, then create a giveaway that solves that problem. There are dozens of places where you can find the information you need to create your offer. Browse through books in the Kindle store related to your niche. Check out Reddit or Quora to see what questions people in your target market are asking.

For example, if you are in the health and fitness industry for men, you may find some of the biggest problems your market is asking to be:

How do I lose weight without losing muscle?
How can I gain muscle without spending thousands on a crazy diet?
I don’t have time for the gym; how can I stay healthy?
The list goes on and on. Based off these problems, you could create any one of the following giveaways.


A free video series titled How to Shred Belly Fat without Losing Muscle
An ebook titled Bodybuilding on a Budget: How to Gain Muscle, Get Huge and Turn Heads without Expensive Diets
A pre-recorded webinar titled Shredded in No Time: How to Get and Stay Lean for the Man on the Go
Pretty simple, right? Like anything in business, creating your irresistible offer is about identifying a problem and providing an effective solution.

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2. Craft compelling headlines.
Once you have successfully created a giveaway that people want and need, the next step is to create compelling headlines that actually generate a high open rate.

It doesn’t matter how good your giveaway is. If people sign up for your autoresponder series and then receive emails with poorly crafted headlines, they will take their free resource and promptly run for the hills.

While writing amazing headlines is a skill that can take years to master, you can get started today by keeping a few things in mind. First, you want to make sure that your headline is neither too long nor too short. Six to ten words seem to perform best.

It is important to realize that you only have a few words to pique your reader’s attention, get your message across and earn the open. Make sure that you utilize one or all of these six tips (in no particular order) to maximize open rates.

Your headlines are specific and useful: People know what the email is about and what to expect.
You clearly identify yourself: Make sure that in the first couple of emails the audience is very clear who is emailing them.
Your headlines stand out: Use numbers, symbols, and capitalization to grab the reader’s attention.
Your headline is timely: Relate your headline to a recent event or issue pressing on your audience members’ minds.
Your headline has a call to action: For some reason, people respond well when they’re told to do something. Use your next headline to bark out orders.
Your headline is tested: Always split-test headlines to see what clicks (no pun intended) with your audience.
3. Ask for the sale.
The final piece to the puzzle is to master the art of offering value and know when to ask for the sale. You want to make sure that (at least) the first week or so of your email series is dedicated 100 percent to giving value without asking for anything in return.

This will build trust with your audience members, increase the open rate on future emails and make them more likely to purchase from you whenever you actually do ask for the sale.

Providing value in your emails is pretty simple. Just continue to help your audience solve problems related to the problem that you solved in the giveaway. I recommend that you send at least four emails that are 100 percent value-based before you ask for the sale.


And when you do ask for the sale, it is important that the product you offer solve a problem similar to those you have been solving in the email series. If your series is all about how your audience members can grow their business through content marketing, but you then offer an online course devoted 100 percent to Facebook Advertising, you are going to lose sales.

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Keep your emails congruent, and offer as much value as possible.

Converting paid traffic through an email autoresponder sequence is not easy. But it is one of the best ways to start generating passive/residual income while building your brand and creating customer loyalty. If you can master these three steps, your business, and your marketing will never be the same.
Anyone in the content marketing world knows how tough it can be to produce stellar, consistent content that does so well that it knocks it out of the park. From thinking about blog topics, writing the content, proofreading, editing and then finally publishing, content marketers do a whole lot more than just publishing content.

For many businesses content marketing is one of the largest customer acquisition channels and people spend millions of dollars hiring quality writers. Even for my business, content marketing is where I find my most valuable customers that consume my content and fall in love with my writing and me.

But it wasn’t always like that, and today I am going to share the 10 mistakes content marketers make and some of the things you can do to avoid them. Funny enough, I have made most of these mistakes and I would rather you learn from my mistakes instead of making the same ones repeatedly.

1. Not focusing on quality but just on quantity.
The number one rule of content marketing lies in produce quality, consistent content over rushed infrequent pieces for your customers.

An example I love to give is if I were running a cooking show such as Martha Stewart’s on the Food Network. If Martha pushed content out inconsistently and her shows did not show the full preparation of the meal her show would be a flop.

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Let’s bring this example to your content marketing strategy. Most customers that produce weak content and infrequent amounts of content suffer in creating a powerful lead generation machine for their business. The rule of thumb I use is to start small and high quality.

For B2B businesses 1,500 words or more usually do the best such as the KISSmetrics blog. If you are in the B2C business 700 words or more will convert the best. Similarly, if you can only commit to one blog post per month stick with that and continue pushing great content and increase from there.

2. Not proofreading your work.
I get it it’s hard to be a good writer and editor. When I first started out I would get messages from my friends offering to help me proofread my content before I published them.

You really have two options when it comes to making sure your content is error-free.

Use Grammarly, a free tool that is a chrome extension as well as an app. All you do is insert your content and Grammarly will find errors. If you publish a lot of content like me, buying the premium version will give you access to things like editing sentence structure and premium tools.
Hire an editorial team. Obviously, this is a more expensive option, but this individual will do a much better job making sure the content is error free. I use my editorial team to proof read all my content and add any relevant examples to make my content more relatable.
3. Not doing research on your topics.
Have you ever ran across a topic and said to yourself “I want to write about that!”? Well, that’s a great way to run into trouble early on. The best way to combat this is to use tools like BuzzSumo that help you analyze which posts do the best by keyword or URL.

Buzzsumo becomes a boon for content marketers because they can analyze and see what articles did best instead of guessing. You can even sort through which posts did the best one which social channel over others.

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