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Our researched and tested solution will allow your company to set a new bar for eCommerce success. Despite Mobile Revs, Retailers Lack Mobile Ecommerce Infrastructure via Media Post: A strong mobile commerce infrastructure remains many retailers’ top competitive weakness heading into the 2014 holiday season, yet 68% participating in a study released Monday have no plans for new or continued investments prior to the end of the year.

So a few weeks after our launch, we discussed analytics in a post titled Integrating Snipcart with Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking In it, our co-founder Charles basically showed you how to push Snipcart data to Google Analytics using our JavaScript API (I might refer to Google Analytics as GA a few times in the following post).

If we look at actual practice on Web sites, we find that The AP now capitalizes only the first letter of a headline and that BusinessWire – a distributor of press releases and a respected industry standard-setter – usually capitalizes all the words in a headline, with the exception of articles (a, an, the), prepositions (from, under, with, to, by, in) and conjunctions (and).

If you haven’t upgraded to Universal Analytics yet, this is another one of many reasons to do so. Enhanced Ecommerce is a plugin that only works with and not the older You can still collect ecommerce data and track transactions, but enhanced ecommerce data is specific to Universal Analytics.

In its Ecommerce Quarterly report for the third quarter of 2012, e-commerce solutions provider Monetate found that a groundswell in tablet-based purchases is quickly eroding the share of buys made from desktops, and Apple’s iPad is leading the shift.

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