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A handpicked list of the best eCommerce ready WordPress themes as of today. We are well-versed in the use of Google Analytics and other analytical services; not only will we be able to measure your sales and traffic levels, we can also set up ‘goals’ that will tell you more about your users and how they interact with your site.

Multiple add-ons can be used together to create a completely automated document protection system – for example: using command line to automatically protect documents (ebooks, reports, training courses, etc.) placed in one or more folders, then using ecommerce to automatically assign access rights to new users, and finally giving Web Viewer access.

This opens up a sea of ​​opportunities, because through those same apps social networking, you can advertise your app and its products, inviting those who are already browsing through their devices, to enter into your app generating some comfort and a sense of continuity with what they were already doing, because it is not the same to move from one app to another, that of an app to a website adapted.

Not only will you want your site to just generally look nice, but it’s also crucial to avoid a number of usability pitfalls For example, you need to have an easy-to-use shopping cart, preferably from a trusted third-party platform that keeps on top of changing financial regulations, and an easy way to add things to your cart.

Shopify’s ecommerce software gives you access to over 100 professional store templates and complete control over every aspect of your website’s look and feel, from its domain name to its layout, colors and content — all with no coding or design experience required.

Digital River’s MarketForce covers your advanced ecommerce analytics needs from start to finish—from tagging and setup to insight and optimization Whether you want to get the most out of your existing Web analytics or need sophisticated measurement solutions, Digital River can provide the tools and services you need.

Handy is a clever and downright charming, visually whimsical and tasteful, creative and bold, highly customizable and extensively polished, professionally graphically designed and luminously youthful, reliable and secure, tech-savvy and cutting edge, modern and enticing, natively responsive WordPress business and commerce multipurpose website theme.

Aside from all the work it takes to actually build the site, from my marketing agency experience, I understood how frustrating it could be to have this functioning site and business model that you’ve worked so hard on, but not generate organic traffic.

Our site is primarily focused on the survival industry, but just because it is survival based doesn’t mean it has to be ‘doom and gloom.’ Our primary objective was to create a look and feel that was encouraging and positive with a focus on the outdoors.

When integrating your forms using the Forms API, be sure to use the HS CONTEXT” Parameter in the optional parameters section of the API documentation This is what passes the HubSpot tracking token and enables analytics data (source, page-view, site visit etc) to pass via your shopping cart form submissions.

You will see multiple events with the same transaction ID if this occurs, but this problem can be mitigated by setting a cookie for the user or adding a field in the database that you can have Google Analytics check to see if the transaction has already been sent.

Threadflip, a women’s fashion commerce app, has found that Facebook Login users spend twice as much time using the app, have a 30% higher average lifetime value, are 38% more likely to make a purchase in their first week of using the app and 50% more likely to make a repeat purchase in their first month.

Regardless of which of our eCommerce templates you choose for your online shop, with 1&1 packages you can be assured that your site will offer a pleasant shopping experience to your customers whether they are browsing at home on a computer or on the move on a smartphone.

Then head over to a link analysis tool like HRS or Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer to see if there are any link opportunities that they have that you could also take advantage of. So, put their homepage URL into the box and click on Search Links.” Then click on the External” tab.

After noticing that these solutions didn’t scale enough to enable brands to build distributed or native apps at a reasonable cost, the founders decided to create Moltin, which offers an API that provides features like a shopping cart, checkout, payment aggregation, inventory management, a customer service module, order management, and more.

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